About Us

Creating Joy & Passion in Your Workplace & Career

While Fun Is Good started as a book telling stories of the successes and failures that Mike Veeck experienced in his many years as a Marketing, Sales & Promotions guru, it has morphed into a very cool consulting company.

Fun Is Good Employee Engagement Consulting is comprised of a team of experienced business leaders in Customer Care, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Promotions, Communications, Training and Employee Development. They share the proven Fun Is Good philosophy with organizations by illustrating how a fun, creative and passionate work environment leads to an innovative and engaged workforce. This is done through a series of customized keynote addresses, seminars and training sessions.

Why We Do What We Do: 

We’re passionate about helping organizations develop and sustain a positive, fun and creative culture for employees and customers alike.

How We Do What We Do:

We believe that when employees are allowed to work within their personal strengths and passions, they are more creative, more productive and more collaborative.  When this happens, we know they’ll enjoy what they do and actually have fun in the process –  resulting in greater customer satisfaction and success for their organization.

We help groups of all sizes build an engaging and collaborative culture.  We do this through inspiring, fun and actionable keynote speeches, seminars and training sessions delivered by our nationally recognized speakers.

We Want to Bring Fun Is Good to You!

Bring the Fun Is Good partners to your organization:

– All-Employee Meetings

– Industry Conferences

– Volunteer Organizations

– Leadership Team Sessions

– Youth Sports Meetings/Banquets

We Address Critical Issues Facing All Modern Work Teams:

– Embracing A Diverse & Equitable Culture

– Enhancing Critical Cross Generational Communications

– Living Authentic Leadership

– Rediscovering Cultivating Creativity

– Thriving In Times of Change

– Finding Your Fun, Joy & Passion

– Creating Memorable Marketing & Partnerships

– Developing Exemplary Customer Care

– Fostering Strong Teamwork, Engagement & Commitment

– Retaining Your Best Employees

Our Philosophy:

The Fun Is Good Philosophy Is Simple … “Fun Is Good!”

  • Fun is good for business because it creates a more engaged workforce.
  • Fun is good for customers because a more engaged workforce creates a better customer experience.
  • Fun is good for employees because more satisfied customers and more engaged employees create a happier, healthier and more profitable work environment.

“It’s impressive to see how Mike and his team does their homework to ensure the keynote message is on-target for the designated audience. Thus, it’s probably no coincidence that attendee feedback about his speech was so positive. Kudos to Mike and Fran for being so accommodating and easy to work with working out the logistics.”

Mark Jacobs
Director, Dakota-Scott Workforce Investment Board