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We know that fun is good, you know fun is good and so do major media outlets. The Fun Is Good philosophy shared by our team members has been embraced across the country. Check out these articles and videos!

The Huffington Post – Mike Veeck Brings Families To Baseball And Makes Friends And Fans For Life

Minor League Baseball: 5 Ridiculous (In The Best Way) Promotions – ASI Central

The Cy Amundson Show – Podcast with Mike Veeck

ASI Central – Minor League Baseball: Bastion of Promotional Creativity

Mike Veeck on fun, escapism at the ballpark: “Why can’t we all have an ‘adult’ free zone?” – WGN Radio

Star Tribune – Interview with Mike Veeck

5 Ingredients for a Successful Work Environment: Entrepreneur Magazine

Star Tribune: Fun Is Good team serves up lessons with dose of humor

Kare11: The Show Gallery in Lowertown – support from Mike Veeck and Bill Murray

“You never forget your first”: Mike Veeck on Bill Veeck’s ’48 Indians and the family approach to doing business – WGN Radio

Live 5 News – Mike Veeck inducted into Charleston Baseball Hall of Fame

A comprehensive Disco Demolition panel with Steve Dahl, Mike Veeck and Paul Natkin – WGN Radio

Baseball maverick Mike Veeck won’t bask in St. Paul Saints’ success – Pioneer Press

Meet Allen Fahden, author, consultant and prankster – Sacramento Business Journal feature – 5 father-son front-office duos who helped shape baseball history

Q-and-A: Saints co-owner Mike Veeck on baseball and business – Pioneer Press

Pioneer Press feature – Mike Veeck’s ‘boring, derivative’ book about business and baseball

Annual Anoka Lettermen event featuring Mike Veeck – ABC Newspapers feature

“Up to bat with a business book” – Minnesota Business Magazine

“Businesses should embrace wacky ideas, says the St. Paul Saints’ Mike Veeck” – MPR News feature

“New book by Mike Veeck covers all the innovative bases” – Star Tribune feature

“The funniest man in baseball is having the last laugh” – ESPN feature on Mike Veeck, Fun Is Good Founding Partner

Startup Almanac review of  “Another Boring, Derivative, Piece of Crap Business Book: Make The First Basic Leap In Work in 100 Years, Laughing All The Way” by Mike Veeck and Allen Fahden

Interview with Mike Veeck on Morning Show with Jeff Johnson

“St. Paul Saints: Not your grandfather’s ballpark” – Star Tribune feature

“Mike Veeck preaches Fan First Fun for St. Paul Saints” – Feature on Minor League Sports Report

“St. Paul Saints promise to keep quirky ways” – Star Tribune feature

Mike Veeck on WGN Radio – It’s all about Fun Is Good!

“Finding fun in belonging” – Feature on Mike Veeck from

KARE11 interview with Mike Veeck on final Saints season at Midway Stadium

“Silent Night,” “Auctioned At-Bat,” and  “Nobody Night” –  Top 10 Minor League Promotions

A Lighthearted Workplace Is Good For Business: “The Funniest Man in Baseball” on

Fahden Idea Reaches Millions: Al Fahden in People Magazine

Mike Veeck on WGN Radio – Fun Is Good and baseball, what more do you need?

Aircraft Carrier Home Run Derby on Deadspin

Fun At Breakfast:

The Fun Ideas Keep Coming: “Still out in left field” on

Actor Bill Murray’s investment a sign of hope for blighted North Charleston neighborhood” – Mike Veeck & Bill Murray work to revitalize neighborhood in Charleston

Veeck Loves Innovation: “Public art: A home run for the Saints’ new ballpark”

‘It won’t work, it won’t work – hey, it worked’ on

Fun Is Definitely Good: Mike Veeck on

The Wizard Of Fun: Sports Illustrated

Zombies, a batdog, and fireworks in Charleston on

“Disco Demolition mastermind Mike Veeck has a RiverDog-gone good time” – Charleston City Paper Feature

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Mike Veeck – Keynote Presenter with bonus 60 Minutes Footage

RiverDogs Pres. Emeritus Issues Ex-Veeck-utive Order

Mike Veeck visit TPT’s The Wrap

Mike Veeck talking St. Paul Saints on Fox 9 Sports NOW

Mike Veeck talks business and the new book – TPT Almanac

Spire and the St. Paul Saints – Mike Veeck and Dan Stoltz at CHS Field

The importance of fun at work – Nicolet College new student orientation with Fun Is Good Team Member Dr. Emily Ravenscroft

Bill Murray bids farewell to Midway Stadium – KARE11

Saints Promotions featured on ESPN

‘Minor vs. Major League Baseball’ – Mike Veeck on 60 Minutes

Mike Veeck at CHS Field with KFRO Radio