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Pioneer Press feature

“You might say baseball, and business, are in Mike Veeck’s DNA . . . And business? From promoting baseball teams, Veeck professes a counter-intuitive philosophy that he says can be applied almost universally. He’s just co-authored a book on the subject: “Another Boring, Derivative, Piece of Crap Business Book.”

– Pioneer Press feature

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FIG MPR Feature

“People have great ideas every day that are blown away by one simple word . . . And it’s ‘no.’ People say ‘no’ too quickly. If it makes you laugh and you have the germ of an idea, you should nurture it.” -Mike Veeck

Enjoy this recent MPR News audio interview with Mike Veeck!

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Another Boring, Derivative, Piece of Crap Business Book - now available!

Another Boring, Derivative, Piece of Crap Business Book – now available!

In Another Boring, Piece of Crap, Derivative Business Book, Veeck and Fahden reflect on their craziest advertising and promotional stunts and share the business secrets they learned. This easy, fun read will teach you these real life madmen’s secrets to getting attention, creating innovation, and turning a colossal failure into your greatest success.

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ESPN Feature - Mike Veeck is the 'funniest man in baseball'

“The funniest man in baseball is having the last laugh . . .”

ESPN feature on Mike Veeck, Founding Partner of Fun Is Good

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Check out this great review of “Another Boring Derivative Piece of Crap Business Book by Another Dumbass Author” on LibraryThing.com!

“This book was more amazing than I had hoped for . . . This one was so good that I actually purchased another copy of the audio book before I even finished it . . . this audio book had me laughing, and crying, more times than anything I have ever heard. I just hope I can find the courage to make “Fun is Good” in my workplace, or find another if its rejected here.” – Fulner

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Fun Is Good

Learn more about the Fun Is Good philosophy, straight from the team!

Check out this article from Country Club Neighborhood Life.

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Fun Is Good: How to Create Joy & Passion in your Workplace and Career

by Mike Veeck, Founding Partner

“An entertaining and educational book that reinforces Mr. Veeck’s status not only as baseball’s top marketer but also as a force to be noticed beyond the baselines.” -The Wall Street Journal


When Fun Is Good . . . Performance Gets Better.

Here is the most important thing: Fun Is Good. Fun is good for business because it creates a more engaged workforce. Fun is good for customers because a more engaged workforce creates a better customer experience. And fun is good for employees because more satisfied customers and more engaged employees create a happier, healthier and more profitable employee environment. Keep exploring what we mean, then get in touch! Learn More

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