The Team

Mike Veeck: Founder of Fun Is Good, Author, Co-Owner of Several Minor-League Baseball Clubs, Restaurateur, Professor, Philanthropist and all-around great guy!

Mike Veeck, is a nationally renowned speaker, entrepreneur, college professor, philanthropist, marketing, promotions and customer care expert and owner of multiple minor league baseball clubs.  Mike and the Fun Is Good philosophy has been featured on the NBC Nightly News, 60 Minutes, The Late Show with David Letterman and many other national media outlets.

He founded Fun Is Good, an Employee Engagement Consulting Firm, because he is passionate about helping organizations around the country develop and sustain a positive, fun and creative culture for their employees and customers.  He and his Fun Is Good partners of nationally recognized speakers and industry experts deliver inspiring, fun and actionable keynote speeches, seminars and training sessions around the country.

Mike and his wife, Libby, reside in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. He is the father or two children, William “Night Train” and Rebecca.

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Trudi Mendoza: Fun Is Good Presenter, Life Coach, Trainer and Curriculum Developer

A certified life coach, senior customer service leader and trainer with more than 15 years of large call center experience, Trudi Mendoza truly understands what motivates people to learn.  She has led sales, retention and leadership development initiatives in supporting call centers serving 2.5 million customers. Trudi has also led Marketing, Sales and Communications teams, developing highly successful training, coaching, accountability and recognition programs.

This extensive employee development background, combined with Trudi’s skills as an accomplished training designer and presenter make her a perfect Fun Is Good partner.  Trudi’s passion is to share the gift of fun with others and to help people identify their unique strengths and boldly step into the extraordinary.

Fran Zeuli: CFO (Chief FUN Officer) and Co-founder, Fun Is Good

Fran barely survived 30 years in corporate business, but lived to share stories and save us all – he still uses business buzz words like “synergy”, “out-of-pocket” and “in synch”.

Recognized as a highly versatile, innovative, performance-driven senior leader, Fran has a successful track record of exceeding sales, customer care and employee satisfaction goals in multiple large corporations.  He is skilled at designing and implementing actionable, strategic initiatives across all levels of an organization.

Fran has successfully lead teams going through leadership departures, national branding initiatives, major department redesigns, office closures and even bankruptcy.  So how can he have a sense of humor after all that time spent in “Corporate America”?  Well, he gets that it’s all about fun and engagement!  With all this experience in change and transition, Fran has seen firsthand that it’s critical we have fun and are passionate about what we do. . . professionally and personally.  Oh, and Fran also excels in making mistakes, both at work and leisure, with his brief foray into stand-up comedy being a good example.  But he loves to learn from these mistakes and have fun in the process!

With the dream of bringing this great message of fun and passion to companies across the country, Fran co-created the employee engagement consulting firm, Fun Is Good.  Through innovative and interactive seminars, speeches and training sessions, Fran and the Fun Is Good team work with organizations to help uncover their strengths (individual and company-wide) to drive workplace passion.  The result – a fun, engaged and profitable environment.  An accomplished speaker that shares this message in companies and college classrooms alike, Fran is passionate that this Fun Is Good message will help transform any size organization into an engaged, customer caring and profitable team.

Fran resides in Minnesota with his wife and is a proud father of 3 children.

Allen Fahden: Fun Is Good Presenter, Author and Creater the C.A.R.E. Assessment (a module of the DISC Profile) 

Just on the strength and uniqueness of his ideas, Allen Fahden has gotten the attention of up to 50 million people worldwide. His One-Book Book Store, ReadDundant, appeared in People Magazine, ABC News, the BBC, NPR and in major newspapers across the country. Allen is the creator of the CARE model, and the co-author of its assessment, the Team Dimensions Profile which identifies key roles that people perform in group settings and supports the theory that when one is working within their strengths, they contribute more to the team and are more satisfied and happy with their work. He has written several books, including chapters on strength-based work for the best-selling book The One Minute Millionaire by Chicken Soup for the Soul author Mark Victor Hanson.

As a consultant, he has worked with 20 of the top 100 companies in the world, ranging from to Wells Fargo Bank to Coca-Cola, GE and Disney. One company reported that using Al’s technique saved them one million dollars per work team. Allen embodies the Fun Is Good philosophy in all he does.

Karen Chapple: Chief Marketing and Operations Officer, Fun Is Good

Karen brings extensive Consumer, B2B and Non-Profit Marketing and Project Management experience to the Fun Is Good team as the Fun Is Good team. She is passionate about sharing the Fun Is Good message to organizations and individuals across the country, helping them to prosper by leveraging their true strengths and finding success and joy.

Karen’s #1 rule for her children, friends, family & clients is to “Have Fun”!

Karen is passionate about sharing the Fun Is Good message to organizations and individuals across the country, helping them to prosper by leveraging their true strengths and finding success and joy. Karen’s #1 rule for her children, friends, family & clients is to “Have Fun!”

To discover how you can “Create Joy & Passion in your Workplace & Career” read Fun Is Good by Mike Veeck & Pete Williams

Dr. Emily Stuckenbruck:  Fun Is Good Presenter, College Professor, Debater, and Curriculum Designer 

Emily earned her Master’s and Ph.D. in Communication Studies from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill after spending the final year of her doctorate at the National University of Ireland, Galway as an Irish Fulbright Scholar. Currently the Dean of Liberal Arts and Business at Nicolet College in Wisconsin, Emily oversees the following programs: Liberal Arts, General Education, Business, Accounting, Administrative Professional, Graphic Design, Early Childhood Education, Information Technology, International Study, Associate of Science and Arts Collaborative Agreements, Elementary Education, Natural Resources and Native American Pathways Tribal Community outreach.

The initiatives Emily is most proud of spearheading at Nicolet College include her leadership in bringing tuition-free Early Childhood Education classes to each of the College’s district Tribal Communities, bringing students from India and China to come study at a rural institution with clean air, developing options for student to complete Business courses on a mobile platform, creating and managing partnerships with sister institutions across the state to deliver more affordable general education courses to university-bound students, supporting the efforts of Nicolet’s Jump!Start program to help educate and employ individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, being a leader in developing the first competency-based IT program in the state, and serving as the advisor to the Rainbow Hodags, the first LGBTQIA student support group in Northern Wisconsin.

In 2015, Emily was humbled to be named to the inaugural class of the American Association of Women in Community College’s Top 40 Under 40 national list. Emily has lived Fun Is Good for as long as she can remember. She is deeply grateful to the founders, who have put data behind that which she has always known to be true: Joy inspires people to be their best and when people are their best they produce exceptional results!!!

Cy Amundson: Fun Is Good Emcee and Entertainer, National Comedian, Producer, Actor and Writer

With appearances on Conan, Adam Devine’s House Party, and Comedy Central’s This is Not Happening, Cy Amundson has proven himself in the world of standup comedy. After cutting his teeth at ACME Comedy Company in Minneapolis, Cy moved to LA and has since appeared on FOX’S Family Guy and American Dad.  Cy made his film debut in Break Point, has recorded comedy albums and broadcasts his podcast “The Cy Amundson Show by Cy Amundson” on iTunes.

His stand up effectively manages to challenge the audience while remaining delightfully and positively relatable. Some of Cy’s favorite things include Larry Bird, pancakes, and anything Teen Wolf related.

Ila Borders: Fun Is Good Presenter, Author, Coach, Scout and Fighter of Fire and Gender Barriers

Ila Borders is a living example of dreaming big and accomplishing seemingly unattainable goals.  Ila was the first female to receive a sports scholarship to play in men’s college baseball and impressed the St. Paul Saints and Mike Veeck with her talent and determination, resulting in her becoming the first female to compete in professional baseball. Having played for 4 professional ballclubs and featured in the Baseball Hall of Fame (in Cooperstown, NY), Ila now supports and protects her community as a First Responder; Firefighter and Paramedic.

Additionally, Ila works as an international baseball coach, is a part time scout for the MLB Association, is a pitching coach for the US Women’s National Team and is a speaker for the Fun Is Good Team.

Jenna Wolf (Contributing Partner)

With experience in client relationship management, community engagement, arts administration, online content and social media campaigns, Jenna Wolf brings a passion for creative communications and customer care strategies, as well as results-driven employee engagement, to the Fun Is Good team. Jenna believes that fun and laughter at work have a direct impact on individual and team success, in addition to karaoke and themed costume parties (when possible).