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A seminar like no-other INDEED! The Fun Is Good team motivated, inspired, educated and entertained at Fun Is Good Seminars in March and September 2017, hosted in St. Paul, MN.

A few comments from seminar attendees: “Awesome, fun and informative” “Wonderful experience. Makes me appreciate co-workers, friends and family so much more!” “Thank you – I appreciated all that I learned” “This was awesome – there were constructive ideas presented … stuff I can use. Thanks all!” “Took a vacation day and paid out of my own pocket – NO REGRETS” “Wonderful deviation from everyday”


Fran Zeuli: A guy we can relate to – he’s made a ton of mistakes and is still trying to “figure it out.”  He’s been a senior leader in Fortune 100 companies, a wedding DJ, a Board President and an elevator operator. He’s been hired, fired, an entrepreneur and even helped bring a company out of bankruptcy. As a VP for many years in several large corporate organizations, Fran successfully lead departments in Marketing, Sales, Operations and Customer Care. Now, a co-founder of Fun Is Good, Fran focuses on the most powerful F-word as the CFO … Chief FUN Officer!


So many great things happen when we rediscover our creativity and live with gratitude.  We’re not just more productive, we also laugh more and are healthier too – the workplace and personal benefits are invaluable.  Fun Is Good’s Chief Fun Officer will share steps, stories and a music video or two to illustrate how to reclaim creativity and gratitude.  Fran’s humor, personal experiences, best (and worst) practices and exercises will punctuate the key points of building a fulfilled and successful team.  And while his stories of his successes and failures are inspiring, he unfortunately still uses business buzz words like “bleeding edge”, “sea-change” and “Q5”.

Attendee Comment: “Fantastic – Motivational – Fun … Fran’s message was very relevant!”

Allen Fahden: Created the C.A.R.E. Assessment (a module of the DISC Profile) and has been helping individuals and work teams find their strengths and bliss for years! Al has helped rejuvenate work teams at Amazon, BestBuy, Disney & GE. As a contributing author to the book One Minute Millionaire, he’s “crazy creative” and loves to give away money during seminars…no kidding, he does!


Imagine a work environment or a group you’re a part of. . . where everyone is working on projects they’re great at and that they love. Well, imagine no more because that’s what we’ll learn from Allen Fahden. Al is the creator of the CARE model, and the co-author of its assessment, the Team Dimensions Profile. Taken by over a million people, the profile identifies key roles that people perform in group settings and shows us how to work in our strengths on projects we’re passionate about. The results are amazing – we get much more done and are much more satisfied in the process. Al has written several influential books, including his most recent irreverent business book he wrote with Mike Veeck: Another Boring, Derivative, Piece of Crap Business Book. In this session, Allen outlines a practical tool and valuable knowledge that can be applied in both personal and business communications, project management and operations.

Attendee Comment: “Allen’s presentation was great! Gave me insight to solve a current situation I’m dealing with.”

Dr. Emily Stuckenbruck: A nationally recognized and awarded college professor and dean of students specializing in effective cross-generational and cross-cultural communication. Emily received her PhD in Communication Studies from the University of NC at Chapel Hill and earned a Fulbright Fellowship to study Irish-Gaelic in Ireland. She held the role of Clinical Professor of Communications at Loyola Marymount University and is now a Dean at Nicolet College and leads their Communications Program.


Effective communication is so important in all of our relationships – but sometimes we hit roadblocks and miss the very thing we’re trying to understand. Add the generational differences that we know exist. . . and it can get confusing very quickly. Getting your point across can get frustrating and confusing, but in this session, Dr. Emily Stuckenbruck will share effective tools to bridge these communication gaps build positive relationship with co-workers, vendors, family and community members.

Attendee Comment: “Great to learn more about how to relate to millennials.”

Mike Veeck: Has been inspiring organizations and fans for decades with his funny and thought-provoking stories. He’ll share his successes & failures as a baseball club owner, author, restaurateur, professor, philanthropist, speaker & founder of Fun Is Good.


When we can find our joy and passion, great things happen, in both our work world and also in our personal lives. It makes such perfect sense, yet it’s so hard to put into practice. Saints co-owner and Fun Is Good Founder, Mike Veeck, will show us how to take our work seriously, but not ourselves. How to discover what brings us joy and then put it to practice in what we do. In a very entertaining session, Mike will make us think and laugh in the same minute – and provide great advice we can put into practice immediately. Mike’s energy and universal humor is a direct result of him being a wildly passionate and fun person everyone can relate to.

Attendee Comment: “Fabulous & Fun! You are a great story teller with inspiring messages about mistakes and failures.”

Cy Amundson: As a stand-up comedian, Cy has been entertaining live and TV audiences for years with his delightfully witty and positively relatable stories. As a native Minnesotan, he has an interesting take on deer hunting. Cy is a national standout in the comedy world, with appearances on Conan, Fox’s Family Guy and American Dad, as well Comedy Central’s “This Is Not Happening” and “The Half Hour!”


Cy Amundson is the perfect complement to a Fun Is Good seminar. His sharp wit and pitch-perfect musings fit so well with the Fun Is Good topics and engaging presenters. Cy will emcee for the day and wrap-up the seminar with some hilarious observations.

Attendee Comment: “Cy, is awesome … he had us laughing throughout the entire day!  Thank you!”

Ila Borders: Author and fighter of fire and gender barriers, Ila Borders is a living example of dreaming big and accomplishing seemingly unattainable goals. Ila was the first female to receive a sports scholarship to play in men’s college baseball and impressed the St. Paul Saints and Mike Veeck with her talent and determination resulting in her becoming the first female to compete the Professional Baseball League. Having played for 4 professional ballclubs and featured at the Baseball Hall of Fame, Ila now supports and protects her community as a First Responder; Firefighter and Paramedic.


As a great pitcher, Ila has faced a lot of tough hitters. . . and she’s faced a lot of tough life challenges too. In this fascinating and reveling session, Ila will share how her skills, passion and positive view of the world helped her overcome barriers and adversity to become one of the most influential women in all of professional baseball. Laced with fascinating stories, this session will help us look differently at our daily obstacles both professionally and personally.

We invite you to invest just ONE DAY from your busy schedule to gain essential techniques and strategies on how to experience more joy, success and fun in your workplace and life.