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Be Extraordinary. Be Brave. Be Joyful!

From time to time, we’ll host seminars open to the public.  Some people come by themselves while some companies send multiple people to attend.  Great networking occurs while fun and learning is guaranteed!  Some of the key ideas we’ll explore in these seminars include:

Points we’ll cover include:

Creativity            Passion                Innovation     Leadership    
Fun                      Kindness              Gratitude       Community                           
Culture               Partnerships         Change         Team                                                     
Customer           Risk                                               


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Mike Veeck
Visionary & Co-Founder Of Fun Is Good, Author, Co-Owner Of Several Minor-League Baseball Clubs, Restaurateur, Presenter, Professor, Philanthropist And All-Around Great Guy!
Joan Steffend Brandmeier
Author, Emmy Award Winner, Speaker & Fun Is Good Presenting Partner
Cy Amundson
National Comedian, Producer, Actor, Writer, Speaker and Fun Is Good Emcee and Entertainer
Fran Zeuli
Fun Is Good Co-Founder, CFO (Chief FUN Officer) & Presenter