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Be Extraordinary. Be Brave. Be Joyful!

At least once a year, we host a half-day or full-day seminar featuring a number of our presenting partners. You see, it is so important for us to get out into the public to share our messages to those who want to hear it for the first time … or the 5th time.  Yes, we have may people who have attended multiple seminars!

So, when it is safe again for us to all meet in person, we will resume our tradition of hosting public seminars.  We expect our first in-person event to be the best-ever with new stories and lessons that we all can relate to.  It is certain, though, we will touch on the meaningful topics we usually do:

Creativity            Passion               Tolerance                          Innovation

Fun                      Values                 Kindness                            Gratitude

Diversity             Community        Leadership                        Team

Culture                Partnerships       Playful                               Change

Fear                     Risk                      Customer                          Media

Belief                   Why                     Strength                            Emotional Intelligence

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The Saint Paul Saints & Fun Is Good Youth Improv Camp

So much is learned through the process of improvisation – and what a great set of skills to gain at an early age.  One of the key elements of Improv is “YES, AND ...“  based on the concept that when we meet other ideas with an open mind, (Begin with a “Yes, and ...” instead of an immediate “No”), positive and creative results follow.

When we are once again able to host these youth camps, attendees will laugh as they learn amazing skills while working both mental and physical muscles.  The camp is open to those between the ages of 14 and 18 and is held at CHS Field, St. Paul, MN.

The 3-hour session includes the fundamentals of improv with many opportunities for each camper to learn and practice each skill:

  • It's okay to fail
  • The power of yes
  • Understanding energy
  • Multi-tasking
  • Partnerships and helping others
  • Verbal and non-verbal connections
  • Kindness and generosity

Attendee participation in group exercises is voluntary and not required.  Small class sizes with excellent attendee to instructor ratio!

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Mike Veeck
Visionary & Co-Founder Of Fun Is Good, Author, Co-Owner Of Several Minor-League Baseball Clubs, Restaurateur, Presenter, Professor, Philanthropist And All-Around Great Guy!
Joan Steffend Brandmeier
Author, Emmy Award Winner, Speaker & Fun Is Good Presenting Partner
Cy Amundson
National Comedian, Producer, Actor, Writer, Speaker and Fun Is Good Emcee and Entertainer
Fran Zeuli
Fun Is Good Co-Founder, CFO (Chief FUN Officer) & Presenter