Cy Amundson Presenting Fun Is Good

Cy Amundson

National Comedian, Producer, Actor, Writer, Speaker and Fun Is Good Emcee and Entertainer

ESPN Sports Center Snapchat host and nationally-renown comedian Cy Amundson has made many appearances on local Twin Cities radio shows, performed at Acme Comedy Company and appeared nationally on Conan, Fox’s Family Guy and American Dad, as well Comedy Central’s This Is Not Happening and The Half Hour.

Cy looks at the world through a lens of making mistakes and learning every day!  His openness to creative failure and willingness to laugh at himself offers important lessons for organizations and individuals everywhere.  Cy's session, punctuated with a couple very funny videos, has audiences learning while laughing as they pull valuable ideas that they can implement immediately.

"Cy Amundson has an epic session about “Breaking the Rules … Good for Business?” and hilarious standup routine to wrap up the awesome Fun Is Good Seminar.” – Tess Bunker, Seminar Attendee