Fran Zeuli Presenting Fun Is Good Seminar

Fran Zeuli

Fun Is Good Co-Founder, CFO (Chief FUN Officer) & Presenter

As a former VP of Operations, Customer Care and Marketing in multiple large corporations, Fran Zeuli has a successful track record of exceeding sales, customer care and employee satisfaction goals. Now as the co-founder of Fun Is Good, Fran travels around the country delivering keynote speeches, workshops and seminar on the Power of Fun, Creativity, Laughter and Change.

Chief Fun Officer, Fran Zeuli, has extensive experience in launching many culture changing initiatives.  He knows firsthand that the path to success is laced with being curious, dreaming big, rediscovering creativity, rewarding failure and having fun!  Today, more than ever, organizations and individuals need to navigate a world that’s in a constant state of change.  Through real-world, entertaining stories, Fran shares practical tools that can be leveraged to best handle inevitable change, increase productivity and build a collaborative and engaged team!

“Great message about ‘be comfortable being uncomfortable.’  I appreciated the personal stories, videos and stats along with the message.” – Seminar Attendee