Joan Steffend Brandmeier Fun Is Good Presenter

Joan Steffend Brandmeier

Author, Emmy Award Winner, Speaker & Fun Is Good Presenting Partner

Joan Steffend Brandmeier has been an actor, television anchor, and HGTV host of Decorating Cents and many Christmas specials at the White House.  She is an author of two books, philanthropist, keynote speaker and a really kind and thoughtful “normal woman”.

Joan has a gift for lifting people up. She connects people to their own magnificence and to one another.  Joan walks the audience through her journey of looking for the littlest ways to encourage life to feel more purposeful.  While revealing her incredibly relatable experiences, others are inspired to join her mission to lead with kindness. 

“A simple, generous, warm and much needed message! This was so applicable to both personal and work life.” – Seminar Attendee