Mike Veeck Presenting Fun Is Good Seminar 3

Mike Veeck

Visionary & Co-Founder Of Fun Is Good, Author, Co-Owner Of Several Minor-League Baseball Clubs, Restaurateur, Presenter, Professor, Philanthropist And All-Around Great Guy!

Mike Veeck has an incredibly diverse resume: He’s an author, restaurateur, college educator, philanthropist, Saint Paul Saints Owner, frequent guest on local and national media, Co-founder of Fun Is Good Consulting. . . and a really fun guy!

When we find our joy and passion, great things happen, in both our work world and in our personal lives.  It makes perfect sense, yet it’s so hard to put into practice.  Mike Veeck shows us how to discover what brings us joy and then helps us bring it to life in all that we do.  After hearing compelling stories attendees will be inspired to approach their job and personal life with an open mind and embrace new ideas/policies/projects/team members, etc. 

“Dear Mr. Veeck, Thanks so much for your words!  They were so relevant to all of us in the audience.  Thank you for your inspiration and speech from the heart.” – Public School Principal